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Handmade in Boulder, Colorado


Fashionable Protective Face Masks for Men, Women, and Kids


Hi, Cheryl. Thanks so much for taking care of us . . . the additional masks came, and I have to say the presentation was impeccable! We love the masks, and fit is perfectly for both of us. 

Amy T.

I am so impressed with these masks! So comfortable and functional. They have a roomy pocket for your nose and mouth yet fit snugly around the edges. The pinchable nose wire keeps it in place. There’s a pocket for a carbon filter, which comes with the mask. And now the ear straps are adjustable. So much thought and care has gone into this design. And they are good looking, too!

Avery S.

I ordered 10 masks . . . for my family and friends. They are not only colorful and fun but extremely functional. The open pocket to replace the filter is ingenious.

Tracy T.

🌷 I love my masks! They are soft, layered, washable, filtrated awesome! And pretty! I am going to the web site and order more. 

Lisa C.

I received my . . . masks yesterday and they are great! Sew professional (😜), and pretty! They’re going to make the dreaded mask-wearing a little more exciting - and we all need some excitement in our lives right now.

Lyndsy D.

I got one of those cheap masks. And I hate it. It doesn’t fit and I can’t breath. I love yours, can I please get another one?


I got my masks and they are even more beautiful than the last one! 🙏 thank you

Becky B.

Thanks for the masks. Family loves them! I need more for my NYers.

Jodianne M.

Got mine yesterday and they are so cute and functional! Thank you! 

Daphne B.

A Bolder Vision

Special thanks to our friends, old and new, for sharing your photos of the Bolder Mask in action! We can't do it without you!